Motoko in the Media

ZOOM - Summer 2016

"Drama is the first impression. Motoko really works her canvasses and, while tending toward more restricted palettes, her use of colour is masterful. You'll see glowing depths, wonderful, inspired blending . . . Motoko's large acrylic paintings are minimalist, with a strong sense of design, with influences from abstract impressionism as well as Japanese classical painting with its emphasis on nature, simplicity, and harmony" - Nancy Pincombe


ZOOM - Summer 2012

"A gallery visitor once described Motoko's work as music captured in canvas - a symphony of colour, shapes, patterns, texture and luminosity. In her 2012 collection, Motoko extends her composition into the realm of water and light. The crest of a wave, a shimmering pond teeming with life, a reflective pool that mirrors the colours of lifethese images were Motoko's source of inspiration for this new body of work..." - ZOOM, 2012


Western Living - March 2011

Western Living Magazine, March 2011 edition featured an article entitled, “Going Coastal” and listed their recommendations for various stops on a trip to the Sunshine Coast. Motoko’s Studio & Gallery was singled out as the recommended stop in Garden Bay.

Motoko & Rex on GlobalTV News

Motoko was featured in a special segment of TV News on February 14th at 6 pm. It was part of Global TV’s special feature on Valentine’s Day in 2011.

ZOOM - July/August 2010

"It is rare for anyone to see Motoko while she works on her masterpieces in her studio, where all the magic is created. She experiments with new styles and her technique evolves as if on a journey of discovery. Each year, she never fails to surprise admirers of her work with new creations and her bold collection for 2010 will be no exception. With the opening this summer of Motoko's gallery to regular hours, many will once again be awed by her stunning abstractions and the sheer depth of her work." - ZOOM, 2010

Artists of British Columbia Vol 1 2010

Leighdon Studio Gallery published this book to showcase a diverse group of artists from all walks of life and artistic backgrounds. Motoko was featured in a two-page spread on pages 62-63.

Spectacular Homes of Western Canada

This book showcases some of Western Canada’s finest designers. Motoko’s original art graces one of the interiors featured in the book, with the caption, “Artwork by renowned British Columbia artist – Motoko reflects the rich colour palette selected from the jewel and spice tones of the Orient…”

Coast Reporter - October 2008

"The artist is primary known for her abstract work. Many of this year's pieces use colour, line and texture in a dynamic way. Her early work, a representation of nature, became floral art of recognizable landscapes, but as soon as she moved towards abstract, the images emerged from deep within: human emotion or the energy of living things in our universe, rather than what is overt and tangible. Clearly, the images speak to her loyal client following - much of her new work was sold on opening night." - Jan Degrass, 2008

Coast Life - Spring 2007

"Motoko is an artist who thrives on change. Her work changes like fluid, like water, like the abstracts she paints. Just when you think your have her pigeonholed as an artist who depicts boats, especially around her Pender Harbour home, or as an artist of chrysanthemums and koi in the style of her Japanese heritage, then her imagination takes a new direction and jumps to the galaxies for her many abstract pieces." - Jan Degrass, 2007